Protect Your Business

Securing Your Journey Through Cyber World

ai SECURITY offers a complete cyber security assessment to ascertain vulnerabilities 
and advocate solutions to mitigate risk to your business and assist you to stay 
compliant. Our proprietary application visibility and flow analysis combined with Eye On Glass 
methodology monitors your assets and respond in real time to your security threats 24 x7. 
We can accomplish this at your enterprise or emulate your entire infrastructure at our secure 
and private datacenter.

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Security challenges are composite multi-dimensional puzzles we solve them through 5 steps

1. Environment

During our initial meeting we learn about your business operations and critical assets. We assess your company security and expose actual threats facing your defense.

2. Assessment

We dispatch our engineers to your facility to perform a non-invasive assessment of your production environment.

3. Discovery

Receive a detail report outlining your security threats. Understand your vulnerabilities and get a comparative rating of your perimeter security using industry accepted scoring mechanisms.

4. Action

Take actions to harden your environment, improve audit controls become and stay compliant.

5. Monitor 24x7

We continuously monitor your assets using behavior based methodology driven from your Biz needs and scan for breach and take actions to stop penetrations.

The ai security GUARANTEE

Attacks and breaches have become more sophisticated, attackers now pursue targets of choice not opportunity and the consequences can include significant brand and financial damage or risk to your critical infrastructure. Shield yourself from liabilities.

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We Protect You in Ways You Can’t Protect Yourself.

ai security is more than a cloud based Managed Security Service Provider, it is a synthesis of progressive security and cloud technologies, advanced data and network security strategies operating by skilled cyber security analysts and engineers from a secured and private datacenter.