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You are as vulnerable as your weakest link... Protect Yourself

This first critical step is to discover your enterprise vulnerabilities and risks to attacks both internally and externally. We assess your organization cyber security posture to develop a detailed plan to defend against attacks. We dispatch our trained engineers to your facility to perform a non-invasive non-aggressive assessment of your production assets and evaluate the cyber readiness of your enterprise.


Compliance Management

compliancemanagementIt is not enough to SAY you are secure, you must now PROVE that you are. Business types all have to maintain secure systems. ai SECURITY will determine your reporting obligation based on your business type and transaction volume. ai SECURITY will then ensure that the security strategy you take is aligned with your business initiatives.


Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

ai SECURITY Cloud services provide inexpensive and secure off-site storage and computing alternatives enabling your information to be backed up to multiple geographies securely. Your information is readily available should an in-store or in-office catastrophe affect the availability of your business’s critical data.


Security Training

Security is a process! Your company is only as secure as the processes used by your employees. Data Security Awareness Training is a must-have tool for your business, so that individuals think and behave in harmony with industry best practices.


Penetration Testing

Retain a ai SECURITY ethical hacking contingent to simulate a real-world attack on your perimeter using only publicly available information. Many are surprised to learn that much of the information used to compromise your company’s security is obtained over the public Internet.


Monitoring 24 x 7

Ai SECURITY analysts monitor your enterprise critical business assets around the clock from our own private and secure datacenter. Our cyber security engineers scan and investigate all relevant alerts and respond in real time to any potential breach before it happens.


Network Security

ai SECURITY uses a combination of the network security focus areas we provide an advanced network security solution that aims to frustrate modern day security threat as the primary and secondary line of defense. Our Network Security solution domain is the most comprehensive as it covers all business and technical needs for network level protection with advance application threat intelligence.


System Security

At ai SECURITY, our methodology is to manage systems security both at the Operating System level and Application level to ensure security threats are minimized and vulnerabilities are locked down. Ensuring secure authentication and authorization, logging privileged account and monitoring their activity, ensuring operating systems are patched to fix potential vulnerabilities and exploits whilst ensuring.


Data Security

At ai security, we believe that organizations should have the ability to protect their data over any network without compromising on application performance or network availability. We also believe it is critical that security solutions allow security teams to retain control of polices and keys, even when management of the network is outsourced. By following security best practices and making security easy to install and transparent to the network, we deliver security without compromise.


Mobility Security

Protecting your business in a mobile world is critical to a comprehensive enterprise security solution. ai SECURITY provides mobility security to protect your data, access control and identity.


Datacenter Security

ai SECURITY Solution can provide an in-depth knowledge and experience in developing datacenter security standards that meet all types of datacenter topologies and technical requirements. From the physical design of Tier I, II and III data centers to the logical architecture design; Our solution offer a complete end-to-end pre and post sales consulting services to help your organization make the transition to the next generation datacenter.


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