ai SECURITY Advantage:

Our Holistic Approach Covers Your Entire Ecosystem
ai SECURITY redefines risk mitigation


Technology alone will not protect your enterprise in today’s complex and always connected world. Traditional firewalls and alert based methodology are no longer sufficient to manage risk mitigation in order to protect your business.

Our philosophy is to utilize the latest technology integrated it with human experience for complete cyber security solutions. We accomplish this through understanding of your business critical assets, exploring your vulnerabilities, documenting compromises and provide forward looking security solutions to stop the breaches and keep you compliant.

We then complete the cycle by monitoring your assets 24 x 7 at our secure datacenter.


Step- 1 Environment

During our initial face-to-face meeting we learn about your business operation and production. We perform an in-depth study of your critical assets and map out internal and external interfaces, any security gaps in your infrastructure including all processes. We assess your company’s actual threats that are currently facing your defenses.

Step- 2 Assessment

We assess your organization cyber security posture to develop a detailed plan to defend against attacks. We dispatch our trained engineers to your facility to perform a non-invasive non-aggressive assessment of your production assets and evaluate the cyber readiness of your enterprise.

Step- 3 Discovery

Receive a detailed report outlining your security threats, gaps within your security operations and processes. The report will address how to close the loops to ensure stance is in place to fend of the threats. The report includes; Security/staff personnel training, perimeter security enhancements, modifications to existing internal procedures, alterations to cyber security defenses and non-compliances.

Step- 4 Action

Now that you have all the solutions the next step is to execute the plan as compiled. The result will harden your environment, improve audit controls and assist you to become and stay compliant.

Step-5 Monitor 24 x 7

The final step in our holistic approach is to monitor your assets around the clock at our own datacenter. Our cyber security analysts scan and investigate all relevant alerts and respond in real time to any potential breach before it happens.

The ai SECURITY guarantee

We take one step further and will insulate you from liability by providing a nationally underwritten insurance to cover:

Privacy Liability (PL): Money to pay for forensics should your company be accused of negligence in connection with the loss of individually identifiable information.
Unauthorized Access and Compute-Property Destruction(UACPD): Money to remunerate clients for information held in your care that was stolen or destroyed.
Malicious Infection Liability (MIL): Money to assist your organization with responding to a viral outbreak or zero day attack that adversely affects the integrity of your customer’s data.